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Where the Light Finds You

Wednesday, June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere marks the Summer Solstice, what we who live north of the equator experience as the longest, or lightest day of the year.

This is because the earth, in it’s annual trip around the sun, has it’s maximum tilt toward the Sun.

In other words, it leans in.

This event has been marked by ancient calendars, expressed in massive stone calendars and temples, since time itself has been marked. These calendars and temples are so constructed as to create openings where the rising or setting sun, on the day of the solstice, creates a shaft of light, illuminating a special spot, and creating illumination, both real and metaphorical.

As humans, we appreciate such astronomical events as opportunities for enlightenment. Our entire consciousness has been formed around and because of these events. So how might we use this year’s solstice to enlighten and illuminate?

I believe it’s simple: It an opportunity, like Earth itself, to lean in. To find the light. To let it shine in a space or a place that’s possibly hidden, or in need.

What brings you joy? Where can you evolve? What, or who, needs your light?

The expression “As above, so below”, is it’s own illumination. It speaks to the reality that we, and the cosmos, are connected. What we experience outside can reflect and express what we experience inside - as it can the opposite way round.

The brighter we shine, the brighter, the more illuminated, is our world.

A recent article in Scientific American is titled “‘Being on the same wavelength’ as someone else is real. Brain science proves it.” The article goes on to explain that when two people communicate, their brain waves synch up, like ‘neurons dancing”. The back and forth we experience in connection is a sign of the impact we have on others, and they on us.

It’s the same with the Universe - we’re in a constant dance of luminosity, of mutual influence, of the endless cycling of darkness and light.

On the solstice, lean in and, like the Sun, let your light shine at it’s maximal wattage. Brighten your world, light up some hidden places. Most of all, enjoy the dance.


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