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Once in a Blue Moon

This month of August offers us two full moons, a rare occurrence. The second full moon of the month, known as a Blue Moon, is happening today, August 30th, in the sign of Pisces, the sign of spirituality, empathy, and art.

A full moon is a chance to shine a light on what’s most important: Your hopes, your dreams, your accomplishments. It’s also a chance to bring to fullness seeds that were planted when the moon was dark two weeks before. A second full moon in a month is like a sacred second chance, like sending a lottery ticket in for another chance to win.

In addition, last week Mercury stationed retrograde, so you may have had or be having some communication glitches, technological challenges, and/or a general sense of cosmic disruption. The thing about Mercury is that when it’s retrograde, it also offers us a window of opportunity for personal growth and transformation. It’s like a cosmic reminder to slow down, reflect, and course-correct where needed.

Now, pair that with the Blue Moon’s extra lunar radiance – it’s like a spotlight amplifying the universe’s message and illuminating the path ahead. The combined energy of Mercury Retrograde and the Blue Moon encourages us to reevaluate facets of our lives that have been gathering cosmic dust. It’s as if the Universe is gently whispering, “Pause, reflect, and realign.” It is an invitation to look within ourselves, to listen for the cosmic whispers, and to contemplate the subtler currents that flow beneath the surface of our lives.

As the month of August comes to a close, and we are offered a second chance at reaching our dreams, I invite you to take a moment to make a wish - and remember, what you are seeking is also seeking you.

So make a wish, keep shining, and may all of your wishes come true.



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