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Leveling Up

Level Up (v) To advance or improve (oneself, someone else, or something) in or as if in a game. "Collect cards and magic potions, then level up your favorite Dragons to increase their abilities." - Merriam Webster Dictionary

Well, here we are, in what seems like the end of times. Collectively we’ve just been exposed to the most heinous acts of which humanity is capable. All of us, in real time. And it may be just the beginning. At the same moment, entire villages and cities have been obliterated by earthquakes, wildfires, and floods of apocalyptic proportions. How to withstand it? Exposed to trauma, the nervous system has only a few options: We fight, we take flight, we freeze. We develop a vigilance based on fear, lose sleep, sleep too much, become confused. We go numb, or feel like a raw, exposed nerve. With the collapse of each outer structure - building, landscape, culture - our inner structures risk collapsing as well. In the words of a friend, we are gutted. In words of my own, we feel crushed beneath the rubble of events. How do we survive this world as it is now and more than survive, respond? I see only one option: to level up. I don’t know when I first heard the expression ‘leveling up’. Researching its presence in the English language, I was surprised to learn it’s been used in a political sense for at least 100 years, relating to creating equality between factions that are more or less advantaged. But the usage I’m relating to has to do more with gaming: in this sense it relates to the skills and abilities of a character within role playing games. As the character gains experience points, they ‘level up’, unlocking new attributes and possibilities. Ultimately, the leveling up allows the character to complete a stage in the game and move on, and up, to the next one. And in certain games, as described in the Merriam-Webster definition above, they level up their Dragons as well. If there was ever a time for leveling up our Dragons, this must certainly be it. We need our Dragons’ strength, and courage, and fire, as much as we need our own. I think now of the images not just of the wounded, the dead, but of the rescuers, the warriors, the healers, all of us called now to do our best, to rally our courage and our Dragons, to level up. Is there any other choice? Exposed to trauma , the nervous system does have one additional option: it levels up.Research has shown that the system in the body that regulates emotional arousal can either default to the options based on fear, or use another equally adaptive pathway, one based on affiliation, cooperation, and love. In the infinite wisdom of whatever Source we are created from, it is literally wired in - a choice between fear and love. Fear may be the default, but, with the help of our dragons, we can level up to love. How do we choose that pathway, the pathway away from fear and into love? One technique that I have found is to practice the Infinity Wave, a beautiful 10th dimensional practice that brings peace and calm to whatever it is used for. In my mind, in my heart-mind, leveling up to love is the only game there is. I believe, no, I know, that within each of us is this possibility, this innate ability to move from fear into love, to move from flight or freezing into considered, courageous action, based upon love. And we know what Love is: it is a verb. In these darkest of times, may we each continue to shine, and level up each day, into Love. And please check the offer below for a special coupon if you feel you’re needing support. We are all in this together.

With infinite love and blessings, and more than a few Dragons, Jan


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Coming Soon: Soul Alchemy Radio! Stay Tuned!

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