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Why Settle for the Light Bulb?

For years I’ve told a joke to students and patients about the truth about change. It goes like this: How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but the lightbulb has to really be ready to change! I tell this joke because it’s the easiest and most truthful way to show a fact about change: it only happens when we want to, and are ready, to change. Trying to help or convince people to change before they’re ready is like pushing a very large rock up a very steep hill. No matter how hard you try, the rock will just keep sliding. As a psychotherapist who’s also an astrologer, I’m always looking at the ways the cosmological winds are blowing in the favor of change. As we say, “As above so below” — so if those winds are favorable for a change that wants to happen, why not harness them to help with our personal journeys toward change? Wednesday’s Mercury Cazimi in the sign of Virgo is one of those times when the winds simply couldn’t be better. Cazimi means ‘In the heart of the Sun’ and when a planet enters the Sun’s heart, it’s as if the planet itself becomes it’s own Sun. It shines its brightest, becomes most powerful, for those very special moments of its cazimi. Mercury is THE planet that symbolizes change. Named after the Roman messenger God, known by the Greeks as Hermes, Mercury embodies movement of every sort, and transitions of all kinds. Like quicksilver, Mercury is swift, brilliant both in intellect and visage, and clever. Most of all, Mercury is a planet of expression, of messages given and received. Wednesday is Mercury’s day. On it’s own day, Mercury will be cazimi in the sign of Virgo, a sign which it both rules and is exalted. Virgo is the sign of service of the highest order. Not service to others, but service for others. Virgo is the sign that spins the yarn, dyes the fibers, and weaves the tapestry of our very best life, which it then allows us to offer in service for the world. And Mercury as its exaltation lord and ruler, is the brain behind the beauty. Thinking about change, especially what’s on offer when Mercury is in it’s cazimi, it occurs to me that Wednesday is an opportunity for change on a much higher order than we usually aspire to. It’s a beautifully aspected moment for self-expression and service of our truest, most authentic selves — and it doesn’t have to be hard. The Sun’s brilliance is lending itself to Mercury’s in a sign that knows how to get things done. So, take a moment to imagine any changes in those areas of your life embraced by Virgo, and use Mercury’s energies to take flight. Write that blog post, finish that project, apply for that job. Be swift, be bold, and be brilliant. After all, why settle for the lightbulb when you can be the Sun?

Blessings, Jan Find out where the Mercury Cazimi is helping you shine… use code SHINE for 10% off a reading!


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