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You're Nobody till Somebody loves you...

"You're Nobody till Somebody loves you..."

As we enter the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, an edited version of that old song keeps playing in my head: "You're No Bunny till Some Bunny loves you"...

My head does things like that, and when it happens, I like to - pardon the pun - follow the rabbit hole till I see the connections. That's what drew me to an article addressing the connection with being in love and happiness. If you read it, you'll see that, while love can bring happiness, it can also bring anxiety and other less positive feeling states, especially when feelings of personal happiness aren't shared by the couple.

I was, well, happy to see that there's a better formula than the song playing in my head: research shows that the happier you are personally, the more likely you are to find a mate to be happy with. So I've adjusted the final lyrics now playing through my head - first, attend to your personal happiness and then and only then: "Find Yourself Some Bunny to love".

Happy Year of the Rabbit, EveryBunny!

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