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The Sound of Silence

Here we are, just after the last full moon of the year and just before the winter solstice.

A time known not so much for beginnings as for endings.

And a time that, while often chaotic and fraught, here in the northern hemisphere with its shorter days and longer nights, still beckons with the promise of silence. Blessed, soul-filled silence.

But you have to listen for it. You have to be still. To pause, take a moment, and just ‘be’.

There. Can you hear it?

In the quiet of your breathing? The beating of your heart?

Are you willing to listen for it in the space between the inhale and the exhale, that astonishing ability we have as humans to come into communion with others in the intake and the outflow, regulated by our hearts’ rhythms, entraining with the heartbeat of the Earth? Are you willing to be still? To unplug? To just BREATHE….

As we begin this sacred time of year, marking the turning from darkness to light, endings and beginnings, may our days be blessed with the silence that restores, that shapes and sculpts the onslaughts of the daily noise we know all too well…

And in that sacred pause between the in-breath and the out… may we all find Peace.

Wishing you the blessings of the New Year,



Coming in January:

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