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In the Heart of the Sun

On April 11th, something very special is happening. Jupiter, the planet of great blessing, benevolence and expansion, is going into the heart of the Sun. Astrologically when a planet goes into the Sun’s heart, it is such a unique moment there is a name for it - Cazimi - from the Arabic meaning ‘uncountable’ which, in this instance refers to the uncountable number of blessings such a state can confer.

Consider it: Astrologically, when any planet comes near enough to the Sun, the Sun’s sheer power overwhelms it - the planet is considered ‘under the sunbeams’ where it’s effects are weakened, or, as it get’s closer, ‘combust’, which means what it sounds like - burned up in the heat and light of the Sun. But, when the planet gets close enough - within one degree or even closer - the state of that planet becomes, in the words of the astrologer Chani Nicholas, like an epiphany - an elevated moment that brings out all the best, most fortunate potential of that planet for the amount of time it is in the Sun’s center, or ’heart’.

Putting these pieces together, we see the unique opportunity available to us on the 11th, when Jupiter, making it’s 12 year orbit, comes into the heart of the Sun in the sign of Aries, the sign of the Sun’s exaltation.

Every sign has a ruling planet. In the sign of a planet’s rulership, that planet has special agency. It’s like you or me being in our own house - we are the lord or lady of our house and what we say, and how we say it - goes.

But many signs accept special ‘houseguests’, which are planets that, when in that sign, have an even more special status. These are called ‘exalted’ - and, as the word implies, that exalted status confers an even more special agency when the planet is in that sign.

So, again to paint the picture, Jupiter, an exalted planet regardless of sign, enters the heart of our primary luminary, the Sun, in his house of exaltation.

Can you see the fireworks? Isn’t this a party you want to be a part of?

Making this moment even more exalted is the symbol that is associated with it. One of the great gifts of astrology is the Sabian Symbols, a series of 360 symbols channeled by a remarkable woman named Elsie Wheeler on a sunny day in San Diego 100 years ago. We use these symbols to add depth and richness to the meaning of any degree of the zodiac, and the symbol for the moment of Jupiter’s cazimi is this:

“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires”.

If there is a better symbol to describe an epiphany like Jupiter in the Sun’s heart, I can’t think of one!

But it gets even better, because the keynote for the symbol is this: ‘Abundance made possible by human cooperation and togetherness’.

How lovely. We are not meant to reach our epiphanies in lonely isolation, or personal striving. The opportunity of this cazimi is to reach our fullest desires in fellowship with others; by cooperation and togetherness, not polarization and combat which, if you’ve read or watched the news these last years, is the messaging we’ve been confronted with again and again.

So, on this April 11th, I wish you all the blessings of Jupiter in the Sun’s heart - of your desires fulfilled, in fellowship and cooperation, with all the fireworks that deserves.

And if you tell me where the party is, I’ll be there!

Blessings and Light,


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