Below are the recommended texts for the course. We will be working with all three, but if you choose not to purchase, I will be providing different templates and exercises in the course.

Course Outline 

Week One

The Poetry of the Planets
 In this class we will cover the outline of the course, how to use the recommended reading, and my overall approach and philosophy to astrology and reading astrological charts.

Week Two

Signs of the Zodiac

The twelve signs of the zodiac will be covered with a focus on their archetypes, qualities and resonances 

Week Three

The Houses

The twelve astrological houses will be explored along with different house systems

Week Four

The Planets

The seven personal planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars,  Jupiter and Saturn, focusing on their Archetypes and energies

Week Five

The Planets

The three transpersonals: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto plus Chiron

Week Six


The relationship between planets/chart points: Trines, Squares, Sextiles, etc.

Below are the books for recommended reading for the course. If you choose not to purchase, I will be using selected templates and exercises in each class.