Astrology Map

Complete course 12 pack

12/1/2020 - 2/16/2021

Live Class 12:30 -2:00pm; Replay 7:30-8:30pm; 8:30 pm Live Q&A

This class will introduce all the basics of astrology and astrological chart reading and interpretation. Offered each week live or in a replay with live Q&A


Zodiac Chart

Basics -6 pack


Live Class 12:30 -2:00pm; Replay 7:30-8:30pm; 8:30 pm Live Q&A

Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects - the building blocks of astrology. Offered weekly live and in replay with live Q&A


Astonomical Clock

Chart Interpretation


Live Class 12:30 -2:00pm; Replay 7:30-8:30pm; 8:30 pm Live Q&A

Pulling it all together: Chart reading and interpretation. Requires prior experience.


Course Schedule:

Class 1: The Poetry of the Stars

Class 2: Signs of the Zodiac

Class 3: The Houses

Class 4: The Planets 1: Personal

Class 5: Planets 2: Transpersonal

Class 6: Aspects

Class 7: Putting it together: Dividing the chart

Class 8: Where things happen: the Angles

Class 9: Assembling the Chart: Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Classes 10-12: Chart Interpretation 1, 2 and 3

Once you register you will receive a welcome letter describing all aspects of the course including weekly topics, recommended reading and course materials, and information about how to access the live course and replays.

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What They’re Saying

Dr. Jan is a great teacher!

Roger W., Long Island NY

I have taught literally thousands of students in a variety of subjects and settings. Some of their feedback includes:

Dr Jan makes her subjects understandable and entertaining - Jordan S, Long Beach CA

Dr. Jan takes very complex material and breaks it down into simple, easy-to-grasp chunks. I loved her class! - Lynne H, Southport NC

I never understood astrology before but now I feel I can understand it and make sense of my chart! Thank you Dr. Jan! - Lauren M, Baltimore, MD